Your Guides

Merri Lu in the center of the labyrinth at Pousada Luz Divina

Merri Lu first went to see John of God in 2004 asking for healing of physical conditions she was dealing with. Yet, the first thing John of God said to her was, “This is where you are supposed to be.”

In 2005, Rick and Merri Lu returned to Abadiania taking a friend who had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. During that journey John of God told them, “We want the two of you here.”

It took awhile, but they sold their home in Hawaii, their furnishings, car and truck, ended their jobs there, and on their sixth trip to Brazil, in 2007, moved to Abadiania. They were designated Casa Certified Tour Guides, and both worked as Mediums of the Casa full time.

Merri Lu served as a Casa waterfall guide, leading over 1000 people to the sacred waterfall, while they resided there. She is author of The Guidebook to John of God, available online.

Rick and our surrogate granddaughter, Priscylla, gathering sweet ciriguela fruits way up the tree

They lived in Abadiania two years, until Merri Lu’s mother experienced declining health, which necessitated their moving to Texas to become her full time caregivers. (Merri Lu is a nurse and both Rick and Merri Lu have worked with Hospice and Palliative Care organizations.)

Their understanding of Casa procedures and protocols and their gentle and loving approach make them excellent guides. They lead small groups and provide insight, clarity and compassionate support to each person.

Your first trip to the Casa can be overwhelming and exhausting if you go alone and unprepared. Hundreds of people arrive each day – sometimes more than a thousand – and the main language spoken at the Casa and in the village is Portuguese. Traveling alone can mean that much of your time is spent becoming familiar with Abadiania, the Casa and its various procedures and protocols.

With a guide your time is focused on your specific healing needs and you are able to relax and enjoy the entire journey. Being part of a group is a wonderful experience, stories are shared, a support system is forged and lifelong friends are made. People find their concern extending to others in the group and that love and compassion opens them up to greater healing themselves.

While some guides bring groups of 20, 30 or even more people, we choose to guide small groups, making your journey more personal and fulfilling. We approach guiding with open hearts, deep dedication and sincere caring for each person.

Official badge for Merri Lu Park from John of God.Official badge for Rick Haveland from John of God.