Eliza. Read testimony by her mother, Betsy, about Elizaís healing.

My daughter Eliza and I went to Abadiania to see John of God. She was in a reclining wheelchair with arachnoiditis, a spinal nerve condition that incapacitated her for 7 years. We had searched for help with this condition from the medical establishment and many various types of healing modalities with little success.

We arrived in Abadiania and met Rick and Merri Lu at the posada where we were staying. After talking with them, it became clear that our trip and its purpose could be vastly eased and facilitated with their guidance in moving through the Casa, for what we prayed would be a healing for both my daughter and myself.

Rick and Merri Lu were wonderful guides and mentors for us. They were very thorough and caring and showed immense compassion for us in taking us to the right place at the right time. They mentored us through the healing process. With their help, we could relax knowing that we were being cared for.

My daughter received a blessed healing while we were there. She is no longer using the wheelchair, she can sit in a chair, and she can now walk a mile! Her pain levels are down and continue to decrease.

I would recommend Rick and Merri Lu to everyone. They are honest, loving, sincere. And they are lovely to be with.

Betsy S. - Santa Fe


Speaking with John of God at the Casa

I got exactly what I hoped for with Rick and Merri Lu as my tour guides. They are both clear headed and open hearted and were able to answer my many questions and provide insights and support for me while I was being treated and healed by John of God. I highly recommend them as guides!

John Wilhelm - OK


I arrived in Abadiania not knowing I really needed a tour guide to explain the rules at the Casa and how to prepare to see John of God and what to expect. I was very fortunate to learn about Merri Lu and Rick. I know my healing was facilitated by being with them and guided by their understanding of the Casa and itís protocols. They explained so many details to me and were incredibly supportive. I would have been lost without their help.

Suzy Bradshaw - TX


Rick and Merri Lu were there to assist me in every new situation at the Casa and while seeing John of God. I would have felt overwhelmed without their calm guidance and support. From getting the free tickets for the correct line, having my questions translated into Portuguese, explaining what various responses from John of God meant, bringing me meals in my room after I had surgery, to hugging me goodbye when I left, they never let me down.

Sharon H. - NY









Thank you for the sacred work you do as Casa tour guides. You both are so knowledgeable, compassionate and caring.

Robert Knapp - Canada


I know I was guided to choose the two of you to steer me through the processes that occur at the Casa and explain each detail to me. I was able to relax and enjoy each new experience and recognize the healing I was receiving. You are wonderful guides!

Marcia Vogel - CT