Frequently Asked Questions

There appears to be a light source emanating from within this beautiful blue morning glory.

Q. Iíve heard there is a special butterfly to watch for while you are in Abadiania. Can you tell me about it?

A. There are many beautiful butterflies in Abadiania. Considered the most special is the brilliant blue morpho.
Its wings are bright iridescent blue, sometimes edged with black or black and white. The blue morpho is among the largest butterflies in the world, with wings spanning from five to eight inches. The underside of its wings is a dull brown color with many eyespots, providing camouflage against predators such as birds and insects when the wings are closed.

While flying, the contrasting luminous blue and dull brown colors flash, making it look like the butterfly is appearing and disappearing. They are considered to have special healing properties and itís always an excellent omen to see them, especially around the Casa and the sacred waterfall.

Q. Is Abadiania a safe place?

A. Yes, the village is quite safe and thousands of people go every month from all over the world. It is always wise to use certain precautions in any unfamiliar city or foreign country. Dress in a respectful manner that doesnít attract unwanted attention. Donít wear expensive, flashy jewelry. Leave your passport and any large amounts of money safely in your pousada. Walk with another person at night and stay on well-lit streets.

Q. Do I need any Vaccinations?

A. Vaccination for Yellow Fever is recommended, but not required. Discuss this with your doctor. Those ill or with challenged immune systems may not handle vaccinations well. Check with any Brazilian Consulate for the most current information concerning vaccinations, as it can change over time.

Q. What type of electricity does Brazil use?

A. 220 volts and 50 hertz. If youíre going to bring any appliance such as CD player, hair dryer, etc, you must have a converter to convert 220 volt to 110 volt and an adaptor that fits the electrical outlets used in Brazil. Most computers are rated for 220 volt, but still require an adaptor. Converters and adaptors are available at Radio Shack and travel specialty shops.

Q. Is the tap water safe to drink?

A. Always drink bottled water or the blessed water available at the Casa that has been blessed by John of God. Even when brushing your teeth and rinsing your toothbrush, use bottled water. Itís important to drink a lot of water while you are being treated to help flush toxins out of your body and increase your ability to receive deep healing.

Q. Are there any restaurants or cafes in the village for social gatherings and meals, other than at the pousadas?

A. Yes, there are several in town and each has itís own delicious specialties. Often there is entertainment or a concert at one of the cafes.

Q. Are Internet services available?

A. Yes, there are a variety of Internet shops all over the town and some of the pousadas offer WI-FI and Internet service, at times with their own computer/s.

Q. What is the weather like at different times of the year?

A. Year-round temperature averages in the mid-80s during the day. In the rainy season, Oct-April, days and nights are about 10 degrees cooler, with temps in the low 60s at night. Pack a light jacket, warm shawl or sweater, since weather is fluctuating everywhere. A good collapsible umbrella is extremely helpful for both sunny and rainy days.

Q. Do I have to wear white clothing the entire time I am there?

A. No. You wear white during the morning and afternoon sessions at the Casa on Wednesday through Friday, as it is easiest for the Spirits of Light who work through John of God to see your bodyís blueprint and hologram if you are wearing that color. Shoes may be any color. At all other times you may wear any color casual clothing.

Q. Is physical surgery preferable to invisible surgery?

A. No. Both are equally effective! Most receive invisible surgery. Only a few people choose to have physical surgery.

Q. Is it okay to go sightseeing on Saturday through Tuesday, when John of God isnít seeing people?

A. It is important to stay within the energy vortex in Abadiania, because the Spirits of Light that assist John of God work 24/7, not only Wed-Fri. Remember that you want to receive the greatest amount of healing possible! Take the opportunity to spend time in solitude and prayer, relaxing in a hammock, resting in your room, taking quiet walks, reading in the beautiful Casa gardens, and in meditation.

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