The Casa

Some of the wonderful, friendly staff at the Casa

If you have anything from a minor inkling, or a soft tug, to a deep calling to travel to the Casa, I strongly urge you to follow the inspiration that comes from your inner knowing and do it. You may not get the answers you anticipate, but you will definitely get answers. You may not get the specific healing you expect, but you will receive healing! A journey like this is deeply personal. Your experience will be totally unique and individual.

Time spent at the Casa is sacred and serious. We all have an enormous capacity for love and compassion and we each have an individual and important place in the world. In addition, we have all been through traumatic experiences and have issues that can manifest in the physical body. We are also capable of being healed and being healers ourselves!

Passionflower (Passiflora)

Healing involves celebrating life to the fullest and includes healthy living, self-empowerment, harmonious relationships and inner joy. Healing is also about overcoming fears, forgiving all others and ourselves, and balancing the energies in our body, mind and spirit. We can co-create a future that is filled with peace, compassion and gratitude. We can place our intent and commitment on enlightenment for all souls.

The Casa facilitates healing on all these levels. I have never met anyone who did not benefit from a healing journey to the Casa, the house of love, where the medicine is love. Isnít it time to ask yourself what is possible for you? How can you afford to pass up such a chance to align yourself with all the opportunities that are available there?

So many experience healings on various levels of their being through standing in the presence of John of God. According to the best estimates available, he has treated more than 15 million people over the last 53 years (as of 2011), and healed over 8 million. Miracles happen at the Casa! Are you ready for yours?