The Guidebook To John of God

The Guidebook to John of God focuses on helping you prepare and travel safely and securely to Brazil. It also provides a thorough understanding of John of God and his healing center, the Casa, and its procedures and protocols, so you will be ready to receive the many gifts of healing available as soon as you arrive. John of God is revered worldwide as perhaps the greatest spiritual healer and medium currently on Earth.

If you are reading this it is likely you have already heard of John of God and are considering a trip to the Casa. You must take personal responsibility for your journey and gather all the information you need. This guidebook was written to provide just that!

I returned from my first visit to the Casa and began spending hours a day at the computer writing. When my husband asked what I was doing I responded, “It looks like I’m writing another book, but John of God didn’t tell me to do that.”

I realized I was compiling information that wasn’t elaborated on in the few other books about him that are currently available in English. This was to be a true guidebook so that ‘getting there and being ready’ could be simpler. It’s a long way to travel without knowing what to expect!

I showed one of my previous books and the manuscript for this book to Martin, one of the team of translators, during my second visit to the Casa. He and I took my bestseller, MENOPAUSE: Time For a Change, and the new manuscript to John of God. He first held the menopause book, flipped through it and commented, “Very good!” Then Martin told him about my proposed book and the Entity took it from me and leafed though it. He looked up at me, smiled, and said, “Yes, very good. Very good! Yes, you can write this book. You do it!”

I devoted many hours a day to this project for over five years. Writing a ‘who, what, when, where and how’ book involves researching every possible source of information about the subject.

Much of the book, however, was actually dictated to me while I sat, eyes closed, in current in the Mediums’ Room and/or Entity’s room at the Casa. I scribbled notes as I listened to voices giving me information to include – then did my best to decipher those notes later and transcribe them accurately.

The book also contains personal anecdotes. John of God healed me of severe chemical sensitivities that caused life-threatening anaphylactic shock episodes and cured me of breast cancer. There are stories by others who have received miraculous healings and their profound experiences.

John of God has encouraged me every step of the way during the writing of this book and has said it is “complete” and that it’s time to make it available for the many who need it. The preparation has given me great joy!

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