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Photography by Merri Lu Park

Angel in the Sky


Images of John of God, the Casa and Abadiania

John of God praying

John of God

John of God

John of God

Mystical early morning mist hand in the valleys

A few of the crutches, canes and body braces discarded after healings

Casa garden with statue of Dom Inacio (St. Ignatius), patron saint of the Casa

Speaking with John of God at the Casa

Autumn rains make everything green

Rick on donkey

Village children riding in ox-cart during parade

Gently rolling hills of surrounding countryside in the springtime

Annual parade with ox carts and cowboys

People walking to the Casa for a morning session

Countryside beyond the Casa and the road to the sacred waterfall

Man with fresh fruit and vegetable cart


Cowboys of all ages

A burrowing owl

Inside Ribeiro’s, a local corner store that has everything, owned by Zazinho, a long time medium of the Casa

Three troubadours

Two tiled roofs

Cashew fruits and nuts

Local horses wander through the village

Horse-drawn freight cart

Inside the assembly hall

Many types of parrots and macaws reside in the area

Century Plants blooming

Boy riding a mechanical bull during Children’s Day

Rainbow near the Casa

People relaxing while they wait to see John of God

Enjoying a bowl of nutritious blessed soup after the morning sessions. It is offered free and is considered to be part of the healing protocol

John of God and Merri Lu

Jaboticaba, a grape-like fruit that grows directly on the branches and trunk of the tree

Peaceful hills with palm trees

Rick face painting during a Children’s Day Celebration at the large soup kitchen in greater Abadiania., with mural of Dom Inacio in background

Jaboticaba, a grape-like fruit that grows directly on the branches and trunk of the tree

Following a stroke, in 1988, one side of John of God’s body was partially paralyzed. While incorporated, he operated on himself. He received complete healing from the surgery and has remained healthy since.

: Praying at the prayer triangle at the front of the assembly hall

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John of God Healing Journeys

Rick Haveland and Merri Lu Park